• Katonah Limousine Services specializes in corporate transportation to accommodate the many requirements of today's business. Our superior service, impressive inventory of well maintained new model vehicles in conjunction with our dedicated, professionally trained chauffeurs gives you the confidence that your transportation will be on time, the service will be reliable and provided in a punctual, courteous manner assuring first class travel to your destination.

    We are committed to excellence, giving individual attention to every corporate account with the quality of service that our reputation has come to demand.  We utilize flight tracking and our GPS equipped vehicles mean you never have to worry about making a flight, or find yourself waiting for a ride.

    Ride with Katonah Limousine Service and eliminate the hassles, headaches and distractions associated with business travel.  Our goal is to exceed all your expectations.  We understand in the business world things change, so we provide for cancellation of a reservation within 3 hours of the scheduled time. If your travel plans change during your trip,

    Our dedicated staff is ready to assist in opening a new corporate account for all ground transportation services. We also invite you to try our new online application form that is easy to access and simple to fill out. With our 24 Hour Service, our friendly staff is prepared to assist you with rates, reservations or service.

  • Understanding Executive Car Service

    There is a great difference between normal car service and executive car service. While we had the option to offer normal car services, the numerous benefits of executive car service forced us to abandon normal car services.

    What is Executive Car Service?

    Executive car service is a unique transport service that offers our clients with elegant cars for their transportation. When talking of elegant cars, we only mean the high end cars.

    Our executive car services are not completed with just the cars we offer but also the amazing transportation services that you will get from us.

    What we offer

    Using our executive car services, we offer the following services:

    • 24-hour airport transportation

    Our executive car services is dedicate to offering 24-hour airport transportation. No matter the time you want to be transported to or from the airport, we will be there to ensure that you have a smooth ride.


    • Business travel arrangements

    Noting the elegancy in our cars, businessmen are our prime target. In that regard, we offer business travel arraignments. Our elegant cars are exactly what you need for your business travels.

    Our executive cars have special features that make uniquely beneficial to businessmen. Some of the features that you will enjoy include;

    • High speed internet connection: there is high speed wireless internet connection in all our cars. This means that you can connect yourself to the world and transact your businesses as usual.
    • Power cables: you also don’t have to worry about powering your devices. We have power cables that will help you to keep your gadgets on while we transport you to your destination.
    • Noise reduction: this is a unique feature that you will only find in our executive cars only. The noise reduction technology is meant to block all the noise coming out of the car. Therefore, you will have a good time doing your business without interruptions.


    • Corporate Transportation

    We also offer corporate transportation with our executive cars. We have big and presentable cars that can transport a team to a business meeting.

    What makes us stand out

    While there are many other companies offering executive car services, our services are very unique due to the following reasons:

    1. Reliable
    2. Comfortable
    3. Safe

    The combination of these three factors is what makes us to be the best provider of executive car services.